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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: McDavid is #1 at Everything

San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Two Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday! Let’s get some Links going!

Connor McDavid is better than Sidney Crosby according to The Hockey News. In their annual top 50 players list they ranked our best player as the league’s best player. It’s great validation for us Oiler fans. If only Leon Draisaitl was better than Evgeni Malkin. (TSN-Video)

My favorite click of the day is this one. Willis takes an optimistic approach to the Oilers perceived salary cap issues. I’ve mentioned before that I think the concern is being blown way out of proportion and it’s nice to see that an actual writer holds the same opinion. (Oilers Nation)

The Oilers are putting their prospects up against a NAIT/MacEwan team this year instead of the usual U of A. Might be worth checking out when the time comes. (Edmonton Journal)

Darnell Nurse plans on being better this year and improving on his development. He’ll likely never be the #1 he was drafted to be but he can still make a case to be a really good player. He wasn’t great after the injury last year, lets hope the off-season helped him out. (The Hockey News)

That’s it for today, comment below.