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Monday Morning Hot Links: #1

2016 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic - Edmonton Oilers v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

Good morning, I hope you all had an excellent weekend.

It turns out that the NHL views Leon Draisaitl as a Center and judged his play as a RW to rank him among other top 20 Centers. There are a few weird picks as per any NHL article, but not as bad as these lists usually are. (

What happens to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is going to be an ongoing and disastrous discussion for the better part of the next 12 months. What is going to happen is beyond anyone’s guess. Here is the first link regarding the situation. I imagine that you’ll see a lot more of them going forward. (Edmonton Journal)

Comparing Connor McDavid and Draisaitl to Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. Yep, still August. My take is that the Oilers duo is better going forward. The Sportsnet staff discusses what they think. As with anything regarding Toews, intangibles and team accomplishments will be used in place of measurable individual skills. (Sportsnet)

Copper&Blue’s Top 25 Under 25 wraps up today. Bet you can’t guess who’s number one! Yesterday Draisaitl was covered at #2. He’s going to get scrutiny all over the internet for not proving that he’s going to be good for the next 8 years, I would like to be pointed in the direction of a player that has. (#2)

That’s it for today. Comment below.