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ROUNDTABLE: What Is Leon Draisaitl’s Ceiling?

After a 77 point season, what to expect from Leon Draisaitl?

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Anaheim Ducks at Edmonton Oilers
Draisaitl had 77 points in 2016-17. What can we expect next year?
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s roundtable installment is all about what Leon Draisaitl’s best years could look like.

Leon finished with 29 goals and 48 assists for a 77 point total this past season. Now that he’s under contract for the next eight years, what can we expect to see at the top of Leon’s game? Can he produce multiple 77 point seasons? Is 77 points a freak anomaly?

Joining us for discussion along with yours truly are Corey, Pat, Matt, Shona, and old friend Derek.

Q) What is Leon Draisaitl's ceiling?

Corey: It's not Malkin, but that should almost go without saying. He may be the second best player of the past decade, and expecting that of Draisaitl is too much. He could be a top-5 center in the game. The next Anze Kopitar, or maybe a poor man's Thornton or Forsberg, who shoots a bit more than Jumbo or Foppa ever did, but is otherwise not quite as brilliant. Either way, if he reaches his ceiling and stays healthy, he's a hall of famer. That's a big if.

Pat: Top 10 NHL forward. Not sure if he gets there but he's already in my top 30.

Matt: 10', vaulted? I don't know, I've never been to his house. And I don't think I'll ever be invited.

Shona: I think it's pretty high. I remember seeing him play junior and thinking that he understood the game in a way that the other players didn't. If he can couple that hockey sense with some momentum away from McDavid, I think that a lot more people will be willing to give this contract a try

Derek: With this contract? 16' throughout with a 24' great hall.:

Jeff: I just want him to run the 2C and be damn good at it. Sixty-five points on the second line while helping Milan Lucic not look out of place and effective power play time. I feel dirty for asking for all of that at once.

The accountants will be brought in for the final installment of our roundtable. It will run tomorrow. Set your alarms.