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Thursday Morning Hot Link: Draisaitl Edition

Anaheim Ducks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

These are the hotlinks today. It seems like a bit of a sham but there are 8730823 articles about Leon Draisaitl today and more to come. Every link on here is about Draisaitl’s new deal.

Mark Spector thinks that this is a fair price to pay and explains why. I also agree that it’s a good contract, and you should too. (Sportsnet)

TSN reports the Leon Draisaitl has signed an 8-year 68 million dollar deal. They include some vague optimistic quotes from people who had a hand in making the deal. (TSN)

The Edmonton Journal shows some twitter reaction, including some from a few Copper&Blue bloggers. The twitter stuff I saw was a lot more frustrating so it’s nice to see that not everyone is an extreme pessimist. (Edmonton Journal) has their own article about it. I just skimmed it because most stuff they post is just a worse version of TSN. In this case it looks to be almost identical, but here it is. (NHL)

Sammi Silber has a similar opinion to me about the deal. It’s fair value and doesn’t hinder the team. (Oil on Whyte)

Hockey Extra has a take on the Draisaitl deal as well. It’s not as optimistic as I am and it makes pretty good points. This is a new blog and needs the traffic so if you’re only going to click one link, have it be this one. (HockeyExtra)

Here at Copper&Blue we will continue the Top 25 Under 25. The unfortunate part about the Draisaitl signing is that it takes away from the Top 25 right as we get to the interesting players like Darnell Nurse and Ryan Strome. It’s almost as though they planned it. (#9 and #8)

The C&B staff has put together a group discussion on, you guessed it, Draisaitl. That should be up around the time that this links page is. Be sure to let us know how wrong we are.

That’s it for today, comment on one of the 4 articles that go up today.