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Oddsmakers: Oilers Are Western Conference Favourites In 2017-18

Wrap it up. Let’s go.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Buffalo Sabres
Vroom, vroom.
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re in or near Las Vegas in the next little while, laying a crisp $5 bill on the Oilers Stanley Cup chances next year might not be such a bad bet. If we’re to believe the oddsmakers in Vegas, Edmonton is the team that will most likely emerge from the Western Conference in 2017-18.

Not Nashville.

Not Chicago.

Not Anaheim.


Only the Penguins (6:1) have better odds than the Oilers (9:1) to carry home the Stanley Cup. The thought of a Sidney Crosby / Connor McDavid Stanley Cup Final would have the hockey watching populus salivating. Plus, everybody more than an hour outside of Pittsburgh is ready to see those Oilers make a deep playoff run. I’m in.

Edmonton will need another big season from Connor McDavid and Cam Talbot. Getting Leon Draisaitl inked will no doubt also be a big piece of the puzzle. The puzzle pieces will have to fall just right. If they do, look out.