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Monday Morning Hot Links: Game of Strome

Colorado Avalanche v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

Lowetide takes top spot by adding some hindsight to their past predictions. There is a good mention about a potential P.K. Subban trade that would have looked 0K last year. I have to agree that I’m now also glad it didn’t happen. (Lowetide)

Some sad news as former Senators coach and GM Bryan Murray has passed away. He was aged 74. (Sportsnet)

Sports Forecaster made some... pretty bold predictions this weekend. The Edmonton Journal is here to clear some of that up. For the record, I find it highly unlikely that Ryan Strome has 72 points next season. Connor McDavid looks about right. (Edmonton Journal)

Kailer Yamamoto is learning as much as he can from Tyler Johnson. The two work out together in the summer and are both on the smaller side. If Yamamoto ever becomes as good as Johnson, this draft will have been a success on that alone. (Sportsnet)

Copper&Blue continued its Top 25 Under 25 list throughout the weekend. We’re finally getting to some of the interesting and divisive players. The coming two weeks should be very interesting.

That’s all for today, comments will be open at 8 am.