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Thursday Morning Hot Links: Watch the Money

NHL: NHL Draft David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Howdy. Links are ready to roll.

Can any team be as bad as the Colorado Avalanche were last year? Not too likely, it takes a whole lot of consecutive problems to get 22 wins. Still, DownGoesBrown looks at five teams facing that slight possibility. It’s nice that he left the Oilers off that list despite the fact that injuries to Talbot, McDavid or Klefbom could completely torpedo the season. (Sportsnet)

Ex-NHLer Dany Heatley has been awarded $6.5 Million in a lawsuit against his former agent. This stuff happens unfortunately and there’s no reason to accept that as a risk. It happened to Jack Johnson, it happened to Bryan Berard and it will happen to countless others. It’s important to make sure you know where your money is going and why it’s there. Although this is unlikely to happen to people making moderate money, there are great personal finance books available to ensure you understand core concept at the very least. I can recommend a few if anyone is interested. I don’t mean to ramble but financial abuse is something that I’m quite passionate about. (Calgary Sun)

Because it is still August and NHL news is slow, the Journal has done some more comparisons on Leon Draisaitl’s contract. Personally I’m at the point where I don’t actually want to know anything about it until it’s done. Yet, I can’t seem to stop clicking every speculative article regarding the situation. (Edmonton Journal)

Remember the Wayne Gretzky trade? I don’t, I wasn’t born yet. I hear that it was kind of a big deal. TSN takes a look at the trade that happened 29 years ago. Whether or not it was necessary will be endlessly debated but lets just be happy the Oilers won another cup after the fact... And hopefully a few more. (TSN)

We at Copper&Blue continued our top 25 under 25 yesterday adding Ty Rattie and Ziyat Paigin. There will be more showing up today and I fully expect them to be great. (#23 and #22)

That’s everything for today.