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HOT TAKE!!: Connor McDavid Took Too Much Money

Seriously, what a connorartist

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Just look at that greedy smile
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Connor McDavid made out like a bandit with his new contract! He appears to have taken a discount, but did he really? It’s like he doesn’t even know that it’s his job to manage the cap and give his boss the ability to hand out terrible deals like this and this. I can’t believe he calls himself lets other people call him a leader!

I’m an Oilers fan, so that makes me super, duper qualified to talk about what players should be earning. I’ll admit, he could have got the 15M max deal had he wanted it, and maybe he left a few dollars on the table off the hop, and maybe the price ceiling in the CBA is supposed to do this.... and maybe if there was no cap he could command 20+ per year, but that’s not the point, damnit!

Building a dynasty is what it’s all about, there’s no way you can expect me to be happy with having the best player in the game and a good surrounding cast. He should be more like Klefbom. Klefbom knew he would be a $6-million defenseman when he negotiated his contract, but he decided to get injured the year before and give a monster discount anyway. There is no way he went into his negotiation attempting to get fair value for his services, nope, he’s just a much better team guy. He knows what dynasties are all about. Paying players what they’re worth the CBA allows them to be paid is not a good strategy. Next you’re going to be telling me that players are getting the short end of the stick in RFA years and have to just accept what’s being offered. UNREAL!!

Chiarelli was in tough to negotiate, he was pleading the entire time with Connor to sign for 6 million because the remaining UFA market is so strong next year that he needed the extra space. Connor pulled up in a Rolls Royce, pulled out a metaphorical gun and demanded that Katz fill his burlap sack with a dollar sign on it. Chiarelli was just out muscled by an entitled millennial believing that he should be paid close to the maximum he could get. I still cant believe there are any fans left who think that McDavid’s abilities to beat defensemen, make linemates better, maintain possession, put up 100 points, win the Hart, and lead the team to the playoffs for the first time in 600 years could ever justify a giant contract.

A true team guy would have worked out a deal for $5M per year, that’s still more than I make, and he just plays a game! I would do it for a 100th of what he got, does he not understand what average people make and how comparable that is to being the best athlete in a particular, in-demand, discipline!?

He should immediately be stripped of the ‘C’ and traded to another team, not that any other team would want a terrible contract like his. It’s just not team friendly enough. Makes me wanna puke!