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Monday Morning Hotlinks: The Kris Russell Debate Continues

NHL: Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers
I’ll let you decide if this is an example of his good or his bad
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning, it was a pretty slow weekend but I’ve manage to slap together a few HotLinks for breakfast.

The Nashville Predators have signed Ryan Johansen to a huge contract. I don’t necessarily believe that this has any bearing on Leon Draisaitl’s next deal but David Staples does. He’s under the impression that it puts a cap on it, not a floor. I don’t agree. it is however, a well thought out argument. (Edmonton Journal)

This is an interesting look at all of the Oilers picks from leagues other than major junior. There have been quite a few of them and Chiarelli has been especially persistent. (Lowetide)

Kris Russell is the center of attention in this Fansided article. They didn’t really seem to come to a conclusion and left it up for interpretation. It’s just as well, I think the all of us have formed an opinion on his play, and most of us have doubled down with it adding hyperbole for emphasis. His contract is still terrible. (OilonWhyte)

Our Top 25 Under 25 is starting tomorrow. Two players will be featured per day so be prepared for that. There’s a non-zero chance that the rankings will make you mad. As per usual, us lazy staff writers prefer hate-mail to be delivered in the comment section or on twitter.

Enjoy your Monday!