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Thursday Morning Hot Links: Mclellan Speaks

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at Edmonton Oilers Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Thirsty Thursday, make sure you’ve got a full stomach.

Todd McLellan talks about the defense, Ryan Strome, and other things in this article. I’m not sure I agree with everything he says but he’s very confident that Leon Draisaitl will sign this summer. (Edmonton Journal)

DownGoesBrown — one of my favorite hockey writers — takes a look at what was supposed to happen this off-season but hasn’t yet. From Matt Duchene not being traded to Jaromir Jagr not being signed, it’s all in there. (Sportsnet)

Apparently Nick Holden is on the trade market. And because this is July, this almost qualifies as news. I saw him play for Colorado, he’s not good, maybe somewhat serviceable. (TSN)

Connor McDavid is disappointed about the NHL’s decision on the Olympics. After seeing the two rosters that Hockey Canada released, I am too. When Cam Barker is a realistic possibility, it’s not fun. I’m still confident that if Canada wins the World Juniors, they’ll send the exact same roster to South Korea. Is that better? Probably not but Hockey Canada is the worst offender of not changing things that once had success. Regardless of circumstance. (TSN)

Zack Kassian will be an important piece of the puzzle according to Sammi Silber. There are a few tidbits about where he might be playing and what he might do next year. (OilOnWhyte)

That’s it for today, folks. Get your binge on, then purge in the comment section.