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Is The Oilers' Roster Set?

There's got to be at least one more move for this roster to get right. Right?

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Gryba is here. Let's roll.
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Eric Gryba was re-signed to a two year deal yesterday. Gryba will remain an Oiler now untl the conclusion of the 2018-19 season. Nt sure why you hand out multi-year deals to your 7th defenceman, but it's no big fish at Gryba's price point. It's also a tiny enough deal that if things start to get heavy in Edmonton, it will be swallowed up down the ladder.


Let's see if we have this straight. Team makes playoffs for the first time in 719 years (really was starting to drag on there), with big seasons from McDavid, Draisaitl, Maroon, and Cam Talbot. Club gets to the second round of the playoffs only to be heartbroken by Anaheim in game 7. Club should stand pat, right?

Yeah, not so much.


A poor season by Jordan Eberle is about 51 points, and he's sent to the Island for Ryan Strome, who has never hit 51 points in his career. Immediately after the deal, Kris Russell is signed to a multi-year deal with the cap space saved from the Eberle deal. Bloody brilliant, chaps. Kassian and Gryba are brought back into the fold, Andrej Sekera is out for at least half the year, and presto. Roster set.

I'm holding out hope that Rishaug isnt 100% on this. If Stauffer starts to telegraph this, I'd be a bit more concerned.

Wth Gryba and Kassian back in the fold, it leaves the Oilers at about five million in free cap space for the upcoming season. They'd be foolish not to see about acquiring about Cody Franson for a year, or a UFA to go on the right side to shore up some of what Jordan Eberle took with him to Long Island.

It's only Wednesday, but free agency is just a few days away. We'll have everything from the (hopefully forthcoming) McDavid and Draisaitl deals, plus analysis of all that goes on throughout the day. Analysis you need, like why standing pat with this roster isnt a geat idea, or why adding a free agent right wing might help things.

The fun* begins at around 10 AM.