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Three More Years For Kassian

This contract works a lot better than the one we saw handed out late last week.

San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Two
Three more years of Kassian for under 2MM AAV
Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Last week was filled with turmoil. After a highly questionable deal was handed out to Kris Russell shortly after Jordan Eberle was traded, the Oilers have made a deal that makes at least a little more sense in signing tough customer Zack Kassian to a three year deal.

Kassian’s deal will see him average 1.95 MM per year for the next three. That’s a little bit longer than you’d like on deals with the kind of skillset that Kassian brings, but it’s far from a catastrophe. Kassian finished with 24 points in 79 games, and he might have been real close to 30 if what seemed like every other goal wasn’t called back. He had three goals in the playoffs, which no doubt only served to help his stock.

I’ve got all kinds of time for a player of Kassian’s style. He’s annoying as hell to play against and he’s not afraid to muck it up if the time calls. He’s also has six thousand times the skillset that some of the goons of Oilers Past, and that’s an important quality on any hockey team.


Points: 8th among Oiler forwards (24). Could have been as high as 30.

TOI: 9th among Oiler forwards (13:30) About right for this kind of player

P/60: 8th among Oiler forwards (1.74). Not bad.

Shots/60: 9th among Oiler forwards (6.74/60) About where you’d expect.

S%: 13th among Oiler forwards (7.64%) A tad low, could bump up a little next year

PIMS: 1st among Oiler forwards (101) Not surprising.

Kassian’s most common linemates this season were Mark Letestu and Benoit Pouliot, and while his possession numbers weren’t sparkling, he didn’t get kicked in the head. Kassian’s a two million dollar pest who can show up on the scoresheet, a role he’s settled into onto this Oiler club.