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Could Connor McDavid’s Cap Hit Reach $14 Million A Season?

Hell yeah it could. Save your pennies and don’t give them to marginal players over multi-year deals.

2017 NHL Awards and Expansion Draft
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Today’s been a long one. Pour yourself a cuppa.

Jordan Eberle gets moved to the Islanders for Ryan Strome. Initially, I don’t like it, and I don’t think you should either. You’re trading a guy who just turned 27 who had a career low 51 points over a full season for a 24 year old who’s never scored more than 50 (2013-14). Hey, I love being wrong, so if Strome’s got another 50 point year in him at a 2.5MM cap hit, I’m game. I’m not holding my breath just yet.

Fast forward about twenty minutes, and you’ve got that savings possibly going to a Kris Russell extension. A four year extension (at an incredible 4MM a year), if you’re to believe what you read on the internet. We’ve done a pretty fair job here at Copper and Blue industries to illustrate why that’s a bad idea. I don’t want this to happen. Boy, it sure feels like it’s about to.

Darren Dreger hinted later on today that there have been ‘whispers’ of a 14MM a year ask for Connor McDavid’s next contract beginning in 2018-19.


Sit back for a second. Remember how cute it was to think that McDavid was going to conveniently fall into a deal with a salary cap averaging 9.7MM a year? That’s a wonderful thought, but what if it’s just not true?

You might think that he’s overpaid. That’s fair. It’s wrong, but it’s fair.

You might say that he’s not committed to win by insisting on such a salary. That’s also wrong, but sure, whatever gets you through the night.

You might say that your club will need to really watch their money going out. This is the only correct statement among the last three.


Before you go ripping things off of your shelves, realize that the Oilers have no choice in this matter. They’re going to give Connor McDavid every cent he asks for. There may be some grumbling from management along the way, but the actual negotiation should be Chiarelli walking into the room with a suitcase full of hundreds and launching them at McDavid. McDavid will be languishing in a bubble bath as he signs the deal. This is an actual thing that’s going to happen, watch for it. The only actual ‘negotiation’ that should occur is the length of the deal. The Oilers should attempt to sign him for 15 years, but alas, can only sign him for a maximum of eight.

If McDavid asks for 9.7 million a year, he’s going to get it. If he asks for 11 million a year, he’s going to get it. 14 million? What, are you going to trade him for Ryan Strome and give that money to Kris Russell?