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Goodbye, Jordan

Oilers punt good player for bad player in HERE WE GO AGAIN.

2008 NHL Entry Draft, Round One
Jordan Eberle
Photo by Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images

Peter Chiarelli is bad at his job and I so wish I tried harder to illustrate that yesterday when he was snubbed for the GM of the Year in favor of an actually good one.

A few minutes ago - roughly the time it takes an aspiring actress to vomit after taking a call from Daryl Katz - the Oilers, in their infinite wisdom, traded perennial 25-goal man Jordan Eberle to the New York Islanders for annual disappointment Ryan Strome.

The Oilers are terrible at this. In a league that so obviously features collusion among GMs league wide, the Oilers somehow still managed to get buried in an impact trade. As they do in every single trade of significance. Ever. The Oilers are a joke franchise.

It certainly doesn’t help that all of the local MSM hacks have perpetually devalued literally every asset of any value for like, a decade, but I digress.

I hope McDavid signs for five years and takes off. We, as fans, might deserve him. The Oilers most certainly do not.

Let’s not even think about what this means going forward: they will almost certainly use this cap savings to pay Kris Russell.

Seriously. Don’t think about it. Or you might stop liking hockey too.

Let’s not remind ourselves that prominent writers on this very blog (not me, I’m not prominent, nor a writer) had been suggesting trading Eberle four years ago, when names like Subban were floating around as potential return for a young, clutch, Canadian all-star. Instead, the Oilers paid him (too much), devalued him in the media, and then punted him for a significantly lesser player - all so they can sign a below average NHL defenseman to WAY ABOVE AVERAGE MONEY LIKE FUCK PETE.

Anyway. Whatever. See you in October maybe.

At a Glance:

Eberle - 16/17: 82, 20-31-51, 52% CF

Strome - 16/17: 69, 13-17-30, 45% CF

No point in going deeper. Strome is much worse than Eberle. That’s it, that’s all.