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Oilers Unveil New Uniforms

Our first look at the Oilers redesigned jerseys courtesy of Adidas.

We knew that the new home jersey would be orange. We knew that the blue on those jerseys would be a little darker. And based on our first look at the new jersey we knew the name on the back of the home jersey would be white. The little bit that we knew was better than knowing nothing at all but we were still left with plenty of unanswered questions.

Last season the orange jerseys had numbers on the shoulders, would these stay or go? What about Adidas’ trademark three stripes, would that get factored into the jersey somehow? Might the logo on the away jerseys be modified to swap the blue and the orange in another nod to the team’s WHA heritage? Okay, that last one was more my personal wish list but you get the picture.

Finally, we’ve waited long enough and now we have our answers. Here’s our first look at the Oilers’ new jerseys.

What do you think? Good, bad, somewhere in between? Regardless of what you think about the new jerseys, hopefully we all agree that the Flames having the provincial flag on their jerseys is hilarious.