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Vegas Golden Knights Have Contacted UFA Kris Russell

Does Vegas want Kris Russell on a multi-year, multi gajillion dollar deal? Only if we’re lucky.

NHL: Minnesota Wild at Edmonton Oilers
Could Kris Russell end up in Nevada?
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Early this fine Monday morning, Pierre LeBrun reports that the Vegas Golden Knights have at least contacted Kris Russell, though “nothing serious” has yet materialized. The Golden Knights are currently in a negotiating window that allows them to contact and sign any unrestricted free agent weeks before any other team in the NHL until early Thursday morning. Vegas has been active, informing GMs that they can keep their roster intact if they would like to make a side deal.

Should Vegas and Kris Russell come to terms on a deal, Kris Russell would count as the Edmonton selection for the Golden Knights in the upcoming expansion draft. And that, friend, would be a near best-case scenario for the Edmonton Oilers’ salary cap. Russell will likely be looking for a multi-year deal, and that’s something I’d like to avoid on the Oilers’ blue. A multi-year deal will likely signal the loss of Matthew Benning, and that’s not what you want to see.

Go get ‘em, McPhee.