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Dyno-mite! Oilers re-sign Jujhar Khaira.

Two years, some money. Not much money. Just... Some.

My name isn't JJ.
My name isn't JJ.
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers have Sat Shri Akal'd their very own beta today, re-signing Jujhar Khaira to a two year pact worth $675,000 American dollars per annum.

A limited showing in has seen Khaira put up a gaudy 3 points in 25 NHL games to date, with his longest look coming this season before an injury cost him the remainder of his season. Modest AHL totals preceded his work with the first team this year. That said, this is very much a low-risk, some-upside deal, and those should be encouraged. It's refreshing to see 4th liners get 4th line money for a change.

Worth noting perhaps: as Khaira was one of the forwards the Oilers appeared most likely to lose come the Expansion Draft, this move could signal that the Oilers might stand to lose someone else instead - notably high-priced local flop Griffin Reinhart. Or perhaps notable high-priced disappointment (this season) Benoit Pouliot. I know who I'd rather.