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The Oilers Must Get Something Of Value In Return If They Move Jordan Eberle

The Oilers can’t fritter Jordan Eberle away for peanuts

Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks - Game Three
Cody Eakin really isn’t a good get for Jordan Eberle
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

If you spent some time around Twitter this past Thursday, you’d think Jordan Eberle was a goner. Bob McKenzie suggests that Eberle may be moved by Saturday’s trade freeze, which set everyone into motion speculating a return.

The Oilers are set to take a hit in this trade, and Eberle’s six million dollar cap hit is largely the reason. Six million for the next two seasons is a lot of clams, and finding a taker for that salary might be a challenge. At the end of the trade, the Oilers need to get a useful piece in return that they can plug into the roster. The Oilers might not receive a sixty point right winger in return, but they can’t just throw Jordan Eberle away for nothi-

Trading sixty point wingers for twelve point centres (seventeen over a full season in 16-17) is bad business. Do not do this. If Letestu is unprotected and Vegas takes him for whatever reason, you can go to the free agent wire.


If the Oilers are going to move Jordan Eberle, consider doing it after the expansion draft. Tapping Vegas might be an option for Peter Chiarelli to consider. I don’t think that Eberle’s deal is ‘bad’, and I certainly don’t think that the Oilers ought to send Jordan Eberle and a first round pick for a player in return unless Edmonton gets the moon back. But, there’s a strong chance that Eberle would be Vegas’ best player if acquired, and that’s a strong negotiating chip if an expansion team is looking to be competitive their first year.

Las Vegas becomes an especially attractive destination for Jordan Eberle if Vegas gets their hands on Alex Petrovic in the expansion draft. The Oilers have options. If they’re going to send away one of their top forwards over the last seven years, the club ought to get something in return worth keeping.