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Big Gulps, Huh? Oilers drop Game 7 to Ducks in heartbreaking fashion

Well, see ya later.

If this were the regular season, Patrick Maroon would have scored twice here.
If this were the regular season, Patrick Maroon would have scored twice here.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So it's over.

And it didn't end with a bang. Or, if it did? It certainly wasn't the Oilers doing any of the banging. I mean I guess it was kind of like Bang the Drum Slowly. Only this time, the Drum was the Oilers.

After a pretty cagey start from both clubs, the Oilers managed to eke out in front on the back of some heads-up play by Drake Caggiula and a little puck luck. That's about where the positives evaporated for the next fifty or so minutes. The Ducks were essentially as relentless as they have been for most of this series. Clearly the better side through six games, they backed that up again this evening. This was not an enjoyable game to watch as an Oilers supporter. They only had a chance in the third period because Cam Talbot is pretty damn good.

They did manage to pique our collective interests for about two minutes with Talbot on the bench as the clock ticked down, but they really didn't offer much. Mark Letestu played a feature role in the extra-man opportunity, and while he's been a good soldier on the power play, I feel like if you're allowing him to QB literally anything you're probably doing it incorrectly.

But I guess that's what happens when you let Jordan Eberle hire his imaginary friend to be his shooting coach. Hindsight though.

Highlight packs will feature far more Ducks chances than Oilers, and that's an indictment on somebody. I'm just not sure who yet. Eberle again maybe? Milan Lucic probably? Todd McLellan? Peter Chiarelli? You know whose fault it isn't? Taylor Hall's. What a player.

Otherwise, that's it for the game story. You watched it. You saw that shit. You don't need to read about it. Just know I agree with you. It was brutal.

Loser Point

I mean, there are a lot of things I'd like to address as this surprising Oilers campaign comes to an end. I am genuinely shocked, pleasantly so even, at how far the Oilers made it considering where they came from last year. The reasons why are obviously debatable if you've spent any time watching me swear at goobers on Twitter.

However, most of those things would be better addressed at a later time. A time when the Oilers didn't just play the hockey game equivalent of a fart noise in their most important game in almost eleven years.

I'll just say this: that even though the Oilers did come a long way this year, the Taylor Hall trade was a joke.

See you next year.