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First Round Predictions From The Copper & Blue

Our experts tell you who they think will win in the first round.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Edmonton Oilers Candice Ward-USA TODAY Sports

It’s just about time. After two agonizingly long days since the regular season ended, hockey is about to return and the first games of the NHL’s 2017 playoffs are about to get underway. Before we get to that though, we need to share our predictions, and some brief thoughts, for this year’s opening round series. This way we can brag about it when we’re right. And if we’re wrong - which, honestly, is much more likely - these predictions will simply be ignored.

Ducks vs Flames: Honestly, who cares? I'd like to see Calgary lose to Edmonton in horrific fashion come round two, but I'd also like to see Calgary lose like, their homes and other important things. So I think it would be best for everyone if this series was just cancelled. - Matt

Oilers vs Sharks: I think it’s been a while since the Oilers were in the playoffs. I think I read something about that somewhere. Anyway, this looks like two teams headed in opposite directions right now, the Oilers up and the Sharks down. A few weeks ago the Sharks had the Pacific in hand but slipped to third. Injuries certainly played a part in that, will the Sharks be healthy for Game 1? I hope not. - Ryan

Blackhawks vs Predators: Jonathan Toews is not better than Evgeni Malkin. Plus, I really want P.K. Subban to see some success. - Matt

Wild vs Blues: Devan Dubnyk's save percentage has 'cooled' to a .923 this season after being as high as the balls on a giraffe. Even factoring that in, Minnesota should mop the floor with the Blues. - Jeff

Round 1 Predictions

Series Jeff Matt Ryan Sunil
Series Jeff Matt Ryan Sunil
Ducks vs Flames Flames in 7 Wants series cancelled Ducks in 6 Ducks in 6
Oilers vs Sharks Oilers in 6 Oilers in 5 Oilers in 7 Oilers in 7
Blackhawks vs Predators Blackhawks in 6 Predators in 6 Blackhawks in 6 Predators in 6
Wild vs Blues Wild in 5 Wild in several Wild in 6 Blues in 6
Canadiens vs Rangers Canadiens in 6 Rangers in 4 Canadiens in 6 Canadiens in 6
Senators vs Bruins Bruins in 5 Senators in 6 Bruins in 6 Bruins in 6
Capitals vs Leafs Capitals in 5 Capitals in 5 Capitals in 6 Capitals in 5
Penguins vs Blue Jackets Blue Jackets in 6 Penguins in 5 Penguins in 7 Penguins in 7

Canadiens vs Rangers: Any team who trades P.K. Subban for a past-prime Shea Weber deserves to be swept. Away in a tornado. RIP Bill Paxton. - Matt

Senators vs Bruins: If you’re planning to watch this series make sure you’ve got plenty of Red Bull handy because this one could be all kinds of boring. The Senators are the only playoff team that finished the season with a negative goal differential, and their best bet to win is to choke the life out of the game. Given what referees let go in the playoffs they could actually get more boring to watch. - Ryan

Capitals vs Maple Leafs: The Leafs are a great story that went from last to playoffs, and Mike Babcock deserves some Jack Adams talk. But Capitals in 5. - Jeff

Penguins vs Blue Jackets: Sidney Crosby is so good that it makes it hard for me to say definitively that Connor McDavid is the best player on Earth today (Editor’s note: Matt, you’re insane). Columbus is bad and I'm glad they didn't win the East. I don't want them to win anything. I'm not even sure why at this point. It's probably Tortorella. - Matt