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Quiz: Throwback Thursday

Get out your number 2 pencils, it’s time for a quiz.

Tony Hrkac
Tony Hrkac is here for Throwback Thursday

You’re probably used to seeing a Pacific Division update on days where the Oilers aren’t playing. And normally, that’s what happens. Due to the lack of action in the Pacific last night, nothing’s really changed since Tuesday night. The Oilers are holding onto second place with 78 points, Anaheim is right behind them by virtue of one less win, and Calgary is just two points behind both Edmonton and Anaheim.

I’m breaking format today, and taking a small detour into your memory.

If you’ve followed this team for more than a few minutes, you’re probably aware of this club’s rich history. You cried when Gretzky was traded, or at least, someone older than you did. You remember the 90s, the Corson years, the Arnott years, the Bonsignore...thing. You remember the unlikely trip to the Cup Finals in 2006.

You remember the decade after.

While we’re reliving all of these wonderful moments all at once, let’s take a few minutes to see exactly how much you remember.

There are exactly 230 players in Edmonton’s NHL history who have scored ten or more points between 1979-80 and 2013-2014. How many can you name in 20 minutes?

Everybody remembers Gretz, Mess, and Jari. But who remembers Tony Hrkac?

Show us what you got. Remember, the quiz stops in 2014, so Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl won’t be listed. Share your scores when you’re done.

Good luck!