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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: Second Place, Again

A monday morning look at what's going on in the Pacific Division, and elsewhere in the league.

Connor McDavid and Laurent Brossoit
Connor McDavid and Laurent Brossoit
Derek Leung/Getty Images

  • Second place is a nice place to be.  The view's great.  The Oilers are there, and they'll continue to be there so long as this eight game homestand continues to go smoothly.
  • The Canucks did the Oilers a solid yesterday by toppling the Ducks 2-1.  The loss keeps Anaheim at 76 points, tied with Calgary.  Anaheim has one game in hand.  Carolina took care of the Coyotes 2-1, and the Wild cooled off the Sharks by a 3-1 score.
  • THE MCDAVID EFFECT:  Connor McDavid: Five points in his last seven games (2-5-7).  74 points (22-52-74) in 65 games.  On pace for 93 points in just his second season.  Everything is normal.  Nothing out of the ordinary here.
  • POLL POSITION - I've bellyached a fair bit about the Oilers not going out and getting a backup goaltender at the the trade deadline.  On Saturday, I took an informal twitter poll about how many games that Laurent Brossoit would get into before the regular season ended.  Over 2/3 of those who responded said Laurent Brossoit would play in one or two games out of the remaining 18 in the season.  I realize Talbot is cutting it up right now, but that number seems...a little low.  Big money on the 4% who said "0"
  • THE GM MEETING - NHL General Managers are getting together for their annual meeting in Florida. They'll talk about important issues like What Offside Is and Coaches' Challenge.  Also How To Handle Bye Week.  Seriously.
  • WHAT TO WATCH TONIGHT IN THE PACIFIC: The Jets host the Sharks.  San Jose currently holds a five point lead on the Oilers.
  • The Oilers will host the Islanders tomorrow in their second game of an eight game homestand. Generally speaking, I like to get some information about the visiting team a day or so before the game.  This way, I'll have something to talk about on game day.  Today, I found this. And no, I don't care that Josh Ho-Sang wears 66. Or if he wore 99.  Or 00.  The league needs to bring back number 00.