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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: 7 Goals Edition

Seven goal outburst keeps Oilers close to Flames, Ducks

NHL: Dallas Stars at Edmonton Oilers
Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Oilers finally unzipped the bag of tricks, scoring seven goals on a bad Dallas Stars club. This gives the Oilers 81 points on the year, which is eight more than the Kings. Somewhat more importantly, they’re now just one point away from Anaheim and Calgary.
  • The Oilers defeated the Stars 7-1. This was a game that needed to happen, especially after the disappointing showing against the Canadiens on Sunday. I can’t possibly fathom what it would’ve been like this morning if the Oilers allowed more goals to the Stars. They didn’t. Everyone can back away from the red, candy-like button.
  • Seven different goal scorers? Two defencemen? Yes.
  • Patrick Kane took the scoring lead last night, but a goal from Connor McDavid ties the race up at 76 points.
  • Darnell Nurse led defencemen in time on ice with 21:16 in ice time.

“Well I’m sure it’s gonna help, I thought that line played quite a good game, and Benny had a big part of it. To get the first one, an important one, and get rewarded, I’m sure his confidence level will go up and we need that from him.”


  • That’s Todd McLellan on Benoit Pouliot, who scored for the first time in 29 games. I’ve got a suspicion that the club is going to lean on Pouliot a little bit over the next few games.
  • ELSEWHERE: Bruins are in Calgary to take on the Flames. The Oilers get a crack at those Bruins tomorrow night. The Ducks take on the Blues in Anaheim.