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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: Wild Card Edition

Oilers drop listless game to Canadiens, a look at the Pacific and more

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Edmonton Oilers
could probably use a foot massage right now
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Canadiens put it down on the Oilers last night by a 4-1 score. The score is a little misleading, but it ended all the same. The Canadiens put 39 shots on Cam Talbot, and he stopped everything that came his way for the first 54 minutes of the game. A missed assignment gave Paul Byron a free pass to the front of the net, while a wacky bounce was credited to Alex Galchenyuk. Canadiens scored two empty net goals en route to a 4-1 victory.
  • The standings box has gotten LONGER and GRAINIER because the Oilers are now in fourth place in the Pacific, which puts them in the Wild Card box. I have already made the executive decision that if things hit the fan, the standings box will not grow any further than this.
  • SHAKE IT UP - Put Pouliot on the top line. He’s struggled mightily this season, no doubt. But hear me out: he’s probably the freshest set of legs on the team, and he’s played well with McDavid when given the opportunity. Go on. Fight me.
  • Who had the Flames going for nine wins in a row? Me neither. They’re fifth in the Conference, third in the Pacific. That’s got to change soon, because Twitter is becoming insufferable.
  • NEXT: Oilers finish out their homestand with Dallas, Boston, Vancouver and Los Angeles next Monday. Is 3-1 being greedy?
  • I preached it after last night’s disappointing loss, but it is not time to panic. Not yet. If the Oilers finish the rest of the homestand with only one additional win, then we’ll start throwing stuff. What kind of stuff? Heavy stuff, mechanical stuff, obsolete technology. Tube monitors. You’re all on notice.