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Open Thread: Catching Up

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The Oilers are halfway through their bye week. The Flames, Kings and Canucks are vying for Edmonton's spot in the Pacific.

PRV opened the scoring for the Blues last night.
PRV opened the scoring for the Blues last night.
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

  • All those games in hand that I was nervously tapping my fingers about haven't yet become an issue for the Oilers.  Oilers maintain a clear seven point lead over Calgary (who defeated the Penguins in a wacky OT game last night) and eight points over the Kings (who were shutout 5-0 by Tampa last night.)  The Sharks lost in OT versus the Sabres on what looked to be a particularly painful goal scored by Evander Kane.  The Ducks were handled by the Rangers by a 4-1 margin.
  • Former 2009 Oilers first round pick Magnus Paajarvi scores a pretty goal in his first game after being called up from Peoria. See who's in on the assist?  It's Kevin Shattenkirk.  As a rental, I think he's an ideal pickup.
  • Later this afternoon, join us for part 2 of our three part roundtable discussion, where we'll discuss a little bit about the defence, and a little bit about Milan Lucic.
  • WHO TO WATCH TONIGHT:  Nobody. I mean, if you wanna watch Chicago / Minnesota, it'll probably be a good game, but you can take the day off from speculating in the standings.
  • This should be interesting.