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Game Thread: Oilers @ Hurricanes

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Oilers look to get back in the win column after dismal showing in Nashville

Work! Now, ha!
Work! Now, ha!
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Oilers are playing their second game in as many nights.  After being held scoreless against the Predators, they'll face off against the Hurricanes in Carolina tonight.

How To Tune In

5:30 PM on Sportsnet / Sportsnet 1

What To Watch For From The Oilers

Yeah, uh, score some goals.  Edmonton was held to a big fat zero yesterday in Nashville.  And while one may be the loneliest number, zero goals just plain sucks.

What To Watch For From The Hurricanes

Sebastian Aho.  He's a monster.  Scored a hatty against the Flyers on Tuesday.

From Canes Country

Aho was dominant last night and showed just how smart he is on each goal.  His vision on the ice and his hockey IQ set him apart from many other rookies.  He seems to always know what to do with the puck . For instance, on his second goal, Aho passed the puck to Elias Lindholm to he could slide across the ice and set up for a one timer on a return pass.  How many 19 year olds playing against much more experienced players have the smarts to do that?  Very few.

Final Thought

A two game losing streak has put a hand on the shoulders of the Edmonton Oilers, who can't afford to start sliding at this point during the season.  The Kings are eight points back with games in hand. Edmonton needs to put their foot on the gas tonight.