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Oilers' win streak abruptly ended by streaking Tampa Bay Lightning.

This is what good defense looks like.
This is what good defense looks like.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers and their three-game winning streak took on the Tampa Bay Lightning in the second of their season-long six-game road trip tonight. The Oilers were (presumeably) looking to respond with a better effort, after resident net-nanny Cam Talbot stole two points for them in the Windy Apple on Saturday night. The Lightning came into this one 4-0-2 in their last six, but who cares right?

Game Highlights

**note - full highlights will be corrected once uploaded

First Period

The Oilers looked to start the game on the front foot, with a couple of early forechecks seeing two forwards down low and aggressive pinches below the hashmarks. On the back of this good early work (I'm talking *real* early), the Oilers also generated the game's first scoring chance. A nice shift by The Young Pope's line saw the puck fall to Oscar Klefbom in the high slot, but his relatively tame effort little-spooned itself right into Ben Bishop's logo. Snuggly.

Not long after that, the Lightning figured out the Oilers' weakness - like any second of Earth time where The Young Pope isn't on the ice. Tampa was quick to capitalize on his needing to rest, and generated a great chance after an odd-man rush. The Oilers managed to escape without conceding, but weren't so lucky what felt like literally seconds later, Brandon Davidson's stick betrayed him and Tampa was again off on a two-on-one. This time, neither Matt Benning nor Laurent Broissoit could do anything about it, and the home side was ahead.

Todd McLellan tried to respond instantly with The Young Pope, and our fearless leader almost delivered. Again. This time creating a dangerous chance off of a neutral zone turnover before firing inches wide from just beyond the hash marks. As the play continued, the Oilers managed one of their rare spells of pressure in Tampa's zone, and were rewarded soon after when Jordan Eberle drew a penalty in the corner.

The Oilers were able to direct a few pucks at net on the man advantage, but no clear-cut opportunities. After the penalized player returned, the shots were 5-4 for the Oilers.

After that, the Oilers got destroyed for about 14 minutes. I'm not even kidding you, they got destroyed.

Shots at the end of the period were 12-7 for the Lightning, but the Oilers did well (read: were lucky) to head into intermission down 1-0. The Oilers' 7th shot was a halfhearted backhand by The Young Pope at the death of the period. So if you're counting at home, the Oilers had one shot between that moment - 00:01 remaining - and the end of their powerplay. Yeesh.

Miss you, Taylor.

Second Period

The second period carried over the theme from the first period - the Oilers were getting hammered. A few  shifts of generally harmless Tampa Bay zone time culminated with a defensive face-off to the left of Broissoit. The draw was won to Russell, who did more of that sweet sweet Kris Russell stuff, and dumped the puck out turned it over to Tampa inside the Oilers' blue line. A nifty cross-ice feed later and it's 2-0 for the bad guys. Unless you're a Tampa fan, in which case it's still 2-0 for the bad guys, I just also hope an alligator eats your favorite pet. Or pets. Or baby.

Soon after, the Oilers' fourth line answered with the team's first shift featuring offensive zone pressure in some time. Not much came of it outside of an Iiro Pakarinen wrist shot finding the outside of the post from an horrific angle, but perhaps it would kick start the rest of the team.

It didn't, but it did kind of kick start them. That same group created a bit of o-zone chaos on their next shift before the puck ended up on Iiro Pakarinen's stick, and the Finnish Flash-no-longer-supported-by-this-device (I'm focus-testing nicknames) scored his first of the season in his fourth appearance. Good for him.

The rest of the Oilers decided to try a little harder as a result, with a couple of Oilers not named The Young Pope going close-ish over the next couple of minutes. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay wouldn't be complicit for the entirety of the period, and began to reassert themselves with the clock winding down.

A net-front battle between Matt Benning and some idiot resulted in Benning getting a penalty for cheating, and the Oilers faced with a human deficit for two full minutes. Luckily for somebody, the Oilers dodged any and all bullet-shaped projectiles and headed for the visitor's dressing room down by that same one goal they were 20 minutes prior.

At the end of the middle frame, the Lightning were outshooting the Oilers 22-16, and outchancing them 12-9.

Didn't miss you really, Kris.

Third Period

The third began, again, much like the first and second period did: with Tampa Bay the aggressor. After a nondescript first shift with The Young Pope's line, the Oilers were caught out on a bad change, and the religious one was left to play defense while Nikita Kucherov made the Oilers pay and extended the lead to two goals.

The following shift, off-season disappointment Milan Lucic managed to finagle a 4-on-4 situation after cross-checking a Lightning defender, who then got the gate for embellishment.

In the ensuing 4-on-4, The Young Pope was deployed to try and take advantage. Playing along side Leon Draisaitl, the two phenoms (OK, one for sure) generated a couple of scoring chances before McDavid found the puck in the corner. He wheeled into the high slot before dropping to an advancing Oscar Klefbom, who hammered a shot home to trim the lead back to one.

Or so we thought.

The NHL adjudged Draisaitl to have broken the rules - more specifically, the rule about not being offside like a goof - so the Oilers' goal was disallowed. 3-1 bad guys. Tampa Fans, see above re: your pet or child.

The next ten minutes or go played out as you might expect a game like this to go. The home Lightning were content to keep the game in the neutral zone, and the visiting Oilers were unable to generate much of anything without Connor McDavid on the ice. With just over five minutes remaining, the Oilers started to mount a comeback, and it was very similar to the recent SuperBowl comeback of the New England Patriots. Similar in that in both of those comebacks, the Edmonton Oilers were not a factor. In any way.

There was a modicum of hope after Klefbom's rocket, but once that goal was wiped, this was effectively an exercise in watching a dog poop while it never breaks eye contact with you. Like, "Yeah, it is weird for you to be watching this. It really is.

Just for good measure, the Lightning added an empty netter.

Just leave already, Kris!

Loser Point

Well I mean, Kris Russell is bad. The sooner the Oilers move on, the better. Adam Larsson picked up a knock and missed most of the third period, and Calgary is in the process of blowing a 4-1 lead in Nashville. So, silver linings, Oilers fans. Up next, the Oilers take their travelling road show to Sunrise (Sunshine? Sunrise? Sunshower? Bueller? Adamson?) to take on the Florida Panthers (28-20-10) tomorrow night. Stay tuned. Or record it. Like, whatever, it's only the Panthers.