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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: East Bound and Down

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Oilers to play two in Florida, plus a look at what's shakin' in the Pacific

Lucic had the game winner in Friday's game against the Blackhawks
Lucic had the game winner in Friday's game against the Blackhawks
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

  • GO FORWARD, MOVE AHEAD: Take a look at the forward lines that dressed in Chicago.  Oilers scored just two goals in Chicago, plus an empty netter from Connor McDavid.  They scored six goals against the Flyers on Thursday, and they put up a five-spot against the Coyotes on Tuesday.  And while defenceman Matt Benning scored his first NHL goal that featured a wild bounce off of Blackhawks defenceman Trevor Van Riemsdyk, the forwards have come alive over the past week. That's fourteen goals in three games for the Oilers, which isn't too shabby.  The scoring drought looks like it's long gone.  Do the Oilers still pursue a forward at the trade deadline?
  • Ducks found themselves victorious over the Kings last night by a whopping 1-0 margin.  In sixty minute of hockey, only Josh Manson was able to put the puck away in this high scoring affair.  The Ducks are once again tied with the Oilers in total points, but the Oilers have one game in hand.  By the time tomorrow's game takes place against the Lightning, they'll have two as the Coyotes host the Ducks tonight.
  • The Canucks dropped a 3-2 heartbreaker to the Flyers.  You'll recall Brandon Manning, yeah?
  • The Bruins defeated the Sharks by a 2-1 margin in OT.  Brad Marchand scored his 25th goal of the season in OT on a breakaway, which simply couldn't have happened five minutes earlier in regulation. Sharks sneak a point away, lead the Oilers by five in the Pacific.
  • There are exactly nine days to go until the NHL's annual trade deadline. While Chiarelli has gone on record saying not to expect any jaw dropping moves, there's no doubt that the Oilers could use a thing or two at the Rent-A-Player Super Centre.  This is me making an appointment with you to not to miss our Trade Deadline Coverage that will take place all day next Wednesday, March 1st.  If the Oilers go dipping into the market, we'll be there.  When the Avalanche sell everything for carnival tickets, we'll be there. March first, circle your calendars.  The dips are going to be phenomenal, you guys.