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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: Second Place!

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Oilers escape Chicago with two points, plus a quick look at the Pacific

TAL-BOT 9000™
TAL-BOT 9000™
Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

  • Second place!  The Oilers escape Chicago with a 3-1 victory on the heels of Cam Talbot's 35-save performance.  Milan Lucic had what I'll argue is the biggest goal of his Oilers career in the third period.  Matt Benning scored his first career goal on the power play when a puck thrown to the front of the net pinballed off of Trevor Van Riemsdyk's skate.  The Oilers win, and they're in second place.
  • I promised that I'd stop talking about Vancouver a couple of days ago.  I'm trying to stop talking about Calgary too, but they make it hard sometimes.  The Canucks defeated the Flames in overtime.
  • The Panthers took care of the LA Kings by a 3-2 score  Right now, Calgary holds onto that second wild card space with 62 points.  LA is right behind with 60.
  • You know who's right there holding onto a wild card spot with Calgary?  Nashville.  Both teams have 62 points, though the Predators have two games in hand.  The Predators got dealt a 5-2 loss against Minnesota, who's looking like the team to beat in the Western Conference.
  • Oilers roll on to Tampa Bay to face the Lightning on Tuesday.  The wagon's starting.  If you haven't found a space yet, it's time to hop on.