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Edmonton Oilers @ Chicago Blackhawks Game Thread

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The Blackhawks are coming off their bye week. Can the Oilers take advantage?

Neon Leon
Neon Leon
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Five goals against Arizona.  Six against Philadelphia.  After a glut of games where the Oilers just could not score, they've unloaded for eleven in the last two games.  The Oilers will look to keep the good times rollin' as they kick off a six game road trip in Chicago.

How To Tune In

7 PM MDT on Sportsnet

What To Watch For From The Oilers

While the Oilers have been doin' just fine over the last two games, the Blackhawks are a fairly potent team themselves.  Ranking eighth in the NHL in goals per game (2.88), they've certainly got the firepower to wreck havoc on Cam Talbot if the Oilers aren't careful.  The Oilers have a little luck on their side right now, as the Blackhawks are emerging from the week long bye week.  They haven't played since Saturday, the 11th.  The Oilers would do themselves well by taking any and all advantage of whatever sluggishness the Blackhawks may experience after a week long layoff.

What To Watch For From The Blackhawks

From Second City Hockey

"Over the past few games, Toews has settled in with Nick Schmaltz at left and Richard Panik at right wing.  They've largely played well, and it's part of why Toews is on his biggest tear of the season with 13 points in his past nine games.  The 27-year-old mentioned in Winnipeg that they "got their confidence going", ,which is something he couldn't always sustain when new guys were shuffling in and out."

Toews (11-24-35) currently ranks fifth on the Blackhawks in scoring.  Patrick Kane (19-39-58) ranks first.

Final Thought

The Oilers are enjoying life in the Pacific right now.  At 70 points, they're in second place, free and clear.  They can send a big message by soundly defeating the Blackhawks in their building after Chicago came to Edmonton and held the Oilers to a single goal.  The Oilers need to take advantage of whatever rust that the Hawks are showing.