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Edmonton Oilers Open Thread: Come Alive

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Everything's coming up Milhouse

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

  • Things are good right now.  Oilers do the deed by doubling up the Flyers last night by a 6-3 score.  Six different Oilers scored six very different goals.  For a review of that game, check this.
  • The Oilers are tied for second again?  Cool.  *adjusts glasses*
  • Oilers have 31 wins, which is the same amount as they finished with last season.  Maybe they'll finish with a couple more this year, who knows?
  • Might need to send something nice to the Coyotes.  After taking the Flames down 3-1 on Monday, the Oilers hang a five-spot on them on Tuesday.  The Coyotes respond by taking it to the Kings last night. Mike Smith had 41 saves in the Arizona victory. What a great group.
  • The Blues took care of the Canucks last night.  I think we can stop talking about Vancouver now.  Can we?  Is that OK?
  • Okay, we're going to stop talking about Vancouver.  Although Jim Benning seems to think that a 'seller's market' is when a lot of teams are ready to sell.  Sure is, Jimbo.
  • The Oilers begin a six game road trip on Saturday when they visit the United Center to take on the Blackhawks.  I can hardly contain myself.