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Game Thread: Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers

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Jonas Gustavsson don't live here no more

Yeah yeah yeah.  I hear you.
Yeah yeah yeah. I hear you.
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The Oilers popped off a five-spot in their last game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Tonight, the Flyers are in town.  It's been a couple of months since the Oilers faced the Flyers.  Jonas Gustavsson took the L for the Oilers the last time these two teams met, and it'll be Cam Talbot playing is 937th game of the season this time around.

Also, Connor McDavid.  That is all.

How To Tune In.

7 PM MDT on Sportsnet West

What To Watch For From The Oilers

I bitched and moaned for nearly a week about how the Oilers weren't scoring goals.  The Oilers responded with a fairly ugly first period against Arizona, but scored five in the second and third periods.  Quite frankly, the Oilers are going to need more of that.  Two goals in four games:  bad.  5 goals in 40 minutes:  better.  The Oilers will have Cam Talbot going up against Michal Neuvirth tonight.  Neuvirth was between the pipes for Philadelphia's 3-1 loss to Calgary last night.

What To Watch For From The Coyotes

From Broad Street Hockey

"All of the Flyers' current issues stem from this one, simple question.  Since January 15th, Philadelphia has scored 16 goals in 12 games, on 354 shots.  That's a 4.52% shooting percentage in all situations, and a 3.46% rate at 5-on-5.  Call those statistics any number of unflattering adjectives -- horrific, embarrassing, pathetic-- and you wouldn't be wrong.  An NHL team seemingly has to actively try to have this poor of a scoring stretch."

Tell me about it.  Until Tuesday, the Oilers couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.  Your turn, Philly.

Final Thought

Oilers can pull into second place with the Ducks if they dispose of the Flyers tonight.  Works for me.