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Open Thread: Road Bound

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Oilers take one on the chin in last night's 5-2 loss to Wild, will travel to Nashville tomorrow

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

  • Oiles take one on the chin in last night's 5-2 loss to the Wild.  They go from Penthouse to...well, back to third place.  And that's not so bad.  They're ahead of the Kings by ten, the Flames by eleven, and in an attempt to sound impressive, twenty-six over the Coyotes.  Oilers will hit the road for nine of their next twelve.
  • The St. Louis Blues have relieved coach Ken Hitchcock of his duties.  Mike Yeo will take over.  Do they have a goalie there yet?  Do they want one?  Somebody fetch me a bus to Bakersfield.  I know Gus will love this.
  • Bruins forward Brad Marchand will not face supplemental discipline for his alleged slewfoot of Tampa Bay defenceman Anton StralmanTotally going for the puck, you guys.
  • STANDINGS WATCH: Calgary takes on Minnesota, while the Kings will allow themselves to be seen in the same rink with the Avalanche tonight.  Oilers are in action tomorrow against Nashville.