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Tuesday Morning Hot Links: They’re Late

Toronto Maple Leafs v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good morning. So I was out of town for a week in a place where internet access is basically illegal. I see that Brandan Davidson is back with the Oilers, Cam Talbot is on IR, Laurent Brossoit isn’t playing well, and we have Nathan Walker. Anything else I missed, please let me know.

The city of Seattle has approved some very expensive renovations for their hockey arena. May as well start preparing for Flames rumors now. (Sportsnet)

If you are the one Oilers fan with confidence in Brossoit, speak now or forever hold you peace. (Edmonton Journal)

Brandon Davidson sounds happy to be back with the Oilers. I’m happy to have him back as well, I just hope that shine doesn’t wear off in one game. (Global)

And yeah, I guess we claimed Nathan Walker a few days ago. He scored a goal off his ass once and the Prime Minister of Australia called him up. (CBC)

EDIT: From way back on November 26th, eastcoast_Al made a FanPost on our site regarding Jordan Eberle and his comments about the media. A lot of work went into it and it’s worth reading. Unfortunately SBNation kind of hid FanPosts at the bottom of the page and no one notices them. I encourage people to write them because the fans know the team best. When you do, I just ask that you contact one of us on the Masthead so we can work to get it noticed. Anyway, here it is. (Copper&Blue)

That’s all for now.