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Greg Chase To Panthers, Oscar Klefbom to IR

Greg Chase is dealt for future considerations. Mark Fayne on loan, Klefbom to IR, Slepyshev back up, Nathan Walker goes for a wave. It’s been a busy day.

Sherwood Park native Greg Chase has been dealt to the Florida Panthers today for future considerations. I don’t want to work you up too much, but future considerations probably won’t amount to a hill of beans. It might even make you nostalgic for when the club would trade star players for ‘magic beans’, but Greg Chase is no longer a member of the Oilers.

Chase spent this season with the Oilers’ ECHL affiliate in Wichita where he averaged a point per game (7-10-17 in 17 GP). He had one game in Bakersfield.

Along with Greg Chase getting moved, Mark Fayne is on loan to the Panthers’ affiliate in Springfield.

W H A T D O E S I T M E A N ?

It means that the Oilers gave one of the 50 contracts to the Panthers along with Mark Fayne. The Oilers don’t get out of paying Mark Fayne, or do they get rid of Mark Fayne’s contract, but Fayne will be in Springfield (and so might Greg Chase). The Oilers free up a contact space by moving Greg Chase. This either means that the Oilers get a little breathing room, or (and?) something wacky could be ready to happen.


Well, that was fun. The Oilers waived Nathan Walker today, you’ll recollect all the cute stories about him being from Australia and how his speed was a welcome asset. He played in two games since being acquired, and that would be two contracts down if the Capitals pick him up between now and tomorrow afternoon. Does Chiarelli have a move up his sleeve for a backup goaltender or an established right winger? The roster freeze comes soon.


He was one of two waiver eligible players when he went down yesterday. He’s back again. He’ll find himself on the rotating wheel of right wingers in no time.


A “nagging” upper body injury will keep Oscar Klefbom on the shelf for at least a week. If he’s out for only a week, it would only be two games off. Let’s hope it’s only for a week, and the Oilers can have a full defence corps with Andrej Sekera in just seven days.