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Friday Morning Hot Links: Disaster

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Edmonton Oilers v Columbus Blue Jackets Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

So, last night the Oilers got destroyed by the Predators. It was bad. Here are some links.

I wrote a recap. Sort of. It was easily the lowest quality thing I’ve ever written, but.. yknow. (Copper&Blue)

Jonathan Willis completely destroys the false narrative that Connor McDavid is a defensive liability. I’m not sure anyone other than Matty and Mark thought he was, but just in case, here you go. (The Athletic)

Jesse Puljujarvi is playing well as McDavid’s winger, not that anyone has looked bad doing so, but here’s some evidence. (Sportsnet)

TSN has a sad story about former NHLer Matt Johnson. He was an enforcer before getting addicted to drugs and acting strange before becoming homeless. It’s one of those stories where you really want to believe there will be a happy ending. There won’t be, it’s been told through a few different players now and it never ends well. If your brain gets damaged, it’s horrifying for everyone you’ve ever known. (TSN)

Here are a look at how the Oilers late round picks are doing, and why it’s important to do well deep into the draft. (Oilers Nation)

That’s all for now. Next blowout loss is tomorrow vs the Wild.