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Monday Morning Hot Links: Exhaustion

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Edmonton Oilers v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Good morning everyone. Last night the Oilers lost 1-0 to the Maple Leafs and it was one of the most entertaining hockey games so far this year. I know you’re mad that we didn’t get it to overtime, but we all know that it would have ended in a shootout had we done that. That changes the game from something you show people to get into hockey, to something you never show someone trying to get into hockey. After that game, the Steelers and Ravens game was also fantastic. It was an entertainment overload on my end, I want that every week. Anyway, to the links.

Jujhar Khaira has started to play pretty well. Two goals against the Canadiens was a great payoff for a roster risk. Lowetide has more. (The Athletic)

The Ottawa Senators have asked Erik Karlsson to submit his trade list. This comes off the heels of Karlsson stating that he wasn’t taking a hometown discount to the media. I think it’s ridiculous to even consider trading a player like that. He’s right there with Connor McDavid and Sidney Crosby where the salary limit in the CBA already prevents them from getting their worth. I’d take any of those three at 15M and consider it a bargain. (Sportsnet)

Matthew Tkachuk has a meeting with the NHL’s office of player safety. It’s believed that they will discuss the difference between being a really good player who plays on the edge, and being a jackass. (Sportsnet)

Apparently if Quebec wants a team via relocation, it could cost the prospective owners’ $800M. It’s a speculative article, but enjoy. (The Star)

That’s all for today, enjoy your Monday.