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Monday Morning Hot Links: Trade Winds Blowing

Detroit Red WIngs v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good Morning, let’s do this.

Corey recaps a game that was probably the most disgraceful performance in the Connor McDavid era. He was a lot more pleasant about that I would have been. I actually turned the game off half way though. (Copper&Blue)

In our first blockbuster trade of the season, Matt Duchene and Kyle Turris have been traded among a pile of picks and prospects in a three-way deal. The Colorado Avalanche get futures, the Nashville Predators get Turris and the Senators get Duchene. I don’t really know why the Senators paid so much. (BSN Denver)

Because Kailer Yamamoto played his 9th NHL game yesterday, the question of sending him back is in full swing. We may even know by the time you’re reading this. Matt Henderson tells us why what he deserves has nothing to do with the decision. (Oilers Nation)

A Mark Spector article. I don’t know what it says because I doubt it’s good for my stress levels to find out. Click at your own risk. (Sportsnet)

I don’t want to load up these links too much today because I’m guessing we’ll have much bigger news coming soon. Chiarelli has allegedly been working the phones since the disgrace on the ice yesterday. They still have the same trash scouts so I’m not overly confident that anything intelligent will transpire. That’s all for now.