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Oilers break out for six against Metropolitan leading Devils.

NHL: New Jersey Devils at Edmonton Oilers
Six goals? All in one game? Where did they all come from?
Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re gonna go, go big.

The Oilers played their best game of the season (save for the opener) in a 6-3 victory over the New Jersey Devils at home. It was a game that the Oilers desperately, desperately needed. Had you suggested to me a month ago that the Oilers were going to heavily depend on defeating a Devils squad in order to get some traction in early November, I probably would have laughed. Today, I’m laughing because they did need this game, and it went well. Big sigh of relief, at least until tomorrow.

If you missed this one, I can understand wanting to eschew any more unnecessary feelings of despair and disappointment. But it didn’t happen! Taylor Hall scored for the Devils! It was OK! The Oilers scored six goals!

Things were so good, Drake Caggiula scored on the power play.


Well, maybe not quite. But this game was good! Caggiula was one of six Oilers to put up a goal. Ryan Strome had a goal. Milan Lucic had a goal. You get a goal. Everybody gets a goal. Connor McDavid had three assists. Oscar Klefbom scored for the first time since March. Magic, Doug Henning style.

It’s difficult to sense if this is the beginning of some regression to “normal” for the Oilers. The Oilers’ current roster still has significant issues going on, namely the lack of capable right wings and some question marks on defence. But last night’s 6-3 victory over a streaky Devils team could be the first step toward .500.