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Friday Morning Hot Links: Weekend

Edmonton Oilers v Dallas Stars Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Howdy, hope you want some links.

There was a trade yesterday. The Montreal Canadiens shipped Torrey Mitchell to the LA Kings in exchange for a 5th round pick that becomes a 4th pick if the Kings make the playoffs. An interesting part of this trade is that this marks the 3rd time the 4th round pick has been traded. Last year Montreal sent it to LA for Dwight King, an hour later, the Kings sent it to the Avalanche for Jarome Iginla. Well, they did on paper anyway. The conditions were that the Avs only got that pick if the Kings won the cup, had Iginla play in 50% of the games and re-sign at the end of the year. It was a fake trade by design. Also, the Avs had to retain half of Iginla’s salary. (

Seattle, Houston, Kansas City or Quebec. These are the places most likely to one day get an NHL team. (Sportsnet)

David Staples talks about the Oilers AHL team issues that were referenced in the 31 thought’s this week. (Edmonton Journal)

Yesterday I wrote a piece about the structure of the Oilers front office. Actually, that’s not true, I wrote it a few days ago but released it yesterday. Anyway, just have to say thanks to you guys. I didn’t get any angry tweets, DMs, or comments. Don’t get me wrong, I encourage people to voice their objections any way they see fit, but the amount of reads that piece had made me feel that writing all those words was appreciated. So much so, that I’m linking it again here. (Copper&Blue)

That’s all for now. We’re playing the Sabres tonight at 5PM. Can we make it two wins in a row?