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Wednesday Morning Hot Links: Singing the Blues

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Edmonton Oilers v New York Rangers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Good Morning. The Oilers filled their ginch against the Blues last night. Better to just move on from it.

The Oilers are allegedly in the market for a defenseman. This is probably something that could have been addressed in the summer, but here we are. (Oilers Nation)

Lowetide has Ostap Safin as his #7 Oilers prospect. He’s seen the kid play quite a bit so this is probably the best analysis you’ll find. By all accounts it sounds good for the Oilers. (The Athletic)

In a gut-wrenching story, we read emails from Walter Peat whose son, Stephen Peat is in really bad shape dealing with post concussion syndrome. It’s not a pleasant story, but it’s one we keep seeing more and more of with past NHL enforcers. (New York Times)

I did a recap of last night’s game and we also have part one of the Copper&Blue staff’s thoughts on the quarter season. I’m just going to link the front page for you and let you navigate. If the staff’s thoughts aren’t up yet, try again in a few hours. (Copper&Blue)

Tonight’s disaster is against the Red Wings. It’s probably not worth watching but we’ll cover it here.

That’s all for today.