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Oilers Acquire Mike Cammalleri for Jussi Jokinen

Los Angeles Kings v Montreal Canadiens Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

In a rare situation of two teams trading their recently signed UFA’s the Edmonton Oilers have traded Jussi Jokinen to the Los Angeles Kings. Mike Cammalleri comes to Edmonton.

Mike Cammalleri “The Squid” has 3 goals and seven points in 15 games this year.

Jussi Jokinen has struggled thus far managing only one point through 14 games with the Oilers. He had a good career, I’ve always liked him but he looks completely finished. His xGF% is off the charts. Typically that’s something to keep in mind but with the way he skates these days, it was never going to amount to anything here. Best of luck to him in LA.

Cammalleri could help with the scoring and the powerplay. It will be interesting to see how he fits into the lineup. We needed a winger, we got one.

This seems like a really good straight up trade so I’ll watch and add if there are any other pieces involved. More as this transpires.

Edit: There are no other pieces and no cap retention. It’s Jussi Jokinen’s 1 year/1.1M deal for Mike Cammalleri’s 1 year/1M deal.

This looks like more evidence to the theory that Chiarelli is good at minor roster moves despite his abilities regarding big ones. If Cammalleri can score 30ish points, we should be happy.