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Tuesday Morning Hot Links: Is it Tomorrow Yet?

Edmonton Oilers v Calgary Flames Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images

It better not be snowing right now. Good Morning either way.

In a futile task TSN ranks every team in terms of best 1st line. It’s extremely speculative considering that no one knows what the Oilers lines might look at. We’re number 1 regardless with Patrick Maroon, Leon Draisaitl and Connor McDavid. (TSN)

Remember how no one is really sure whether or not Joffrey Lupul is really injured? He and Hossa have gone through independent physicals and despite there not being a result yet, there is a video update. (TSN-Video)

This is a giant read from Sportnet. It lists the 31 people who will define the NHL season. I didn’t read the whole thing due to reasons but from what I did read it was evidence based. (Sportsnet)

DownGoesBrown started his annual team predictions. The first half is the bottom feeder division and the middle of the pack division. The Oilers are not in those categories. (Vice Sports)

This Lowetide piece is awesome just because it shows the opening night rosters of past seasons. I remember being optimistic at the time but looking back... Wow, those are some bad teams. Mark Fayne and Nikita Nikitin as the first pairing not even that long ago. (Lowetide)

Also, it’s official: The Flames have signed Jaromir Jagr. (Matchsticks and Gasoline)

That’s it for here. We should have another conversation piece going up this afternoon so hit up the front page. Also Czechboy asked if I could make the links automatically open a new window... I could not figure that out. Sorry, continue right-clicking.