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Tuesday Morning Hot Links: The Walking Drai

Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks

Good Morning.

Leon Draisaitl looks like he might be ready to go tonight. He participated in drills and says he’s feeling much better. We really need him. (Oilers Nation)

Cam Talbot has played very well the past two games. He was perfect opening night and then we saw what happened immediately after. The last two games he’s given us a good chance to win. (Oil on Whyte)

DownGoesBrown gives us the weekend wrap-up. Luckily we’re still not on the bottom 5 list but if we don’t have a good week starting tonight, we could end up there soon. (Sportsnet)

Sean Avery has written a memoir and here we have some highlights. Personally I read almost all of these ex-player books and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on this one. (TSN)

Jeff tells us about Leon and Kailer Yamamoto in this piece. It will be interested to see whether or not the coach wants him to be RW on the second line, or the first. I can come very close to guaranteeing you that he won’t be the 2nd line center right away. (Copper&Blue)

We have a game tonight against the Pittsburgh Penguins and we better win it. We’ll have a preview, a game day thread and a recap written by your’s truly. The latter aspect is why we really need a win. I’d much rather write about a good hockey game than complain about Tim Hortons and define the difference between profanities.

Enjoy your Tuesday!