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Monday Morning Hot Links: Issues

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Winnipeg Jets v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good morning, I’d say I hope you had a good weekend but I know you didn’t.

David Staples looks at past and present scoring chances and calls out a few passengers. I know Staples gets a lot of unwarranted hate but he hits the nail on the head here. (Edmonton Journal)

Marc Spector wrote an article. It’s a stupid article, mind you, but it’s about Ryan Nugent-Hopkins not doing something trivial the right way. It’s also something that the Nuge has in fact improved on this year. Some see bad journalism here but I just see an employee trying to look busy. No harm. (Sportsnet)

Sammi Silber wrote a piece that I assume was reactionary to Spector’s. This one is about Milan Lucic being the real problem on the 2nd line and what he needs to start doing better. It’s worth a read. (Oil on Whyte)

Do, what about Ryan Strome? Is he ever going to get better? Is he what the team needs? What does he do well? Robin Brownlee has some answers and raises some further questions. (Oilers Nation)

Lowetide puts our current roster construction against the past decade’s. He mostly focuses on value deals and how we have so few of them right now. Either way, it reminded me of how happy I am not to see Horcoff in the lineup anymore. (The Athletic)

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed Roman Polak to a one year deal. See? Other teams sign bad defensemen for no good reason too. (TSN)

Devils forward Brian Boyle has been cleared to practice with the team after his cancer diagnosis. Very good news for both the team and the person. (TSN)

That’s it for today. I couldn’t find anything on the injury that I suspect Connor McDavid is nursing right now. We won’t see Kris Russell lying on the ice as a goal is scored until tomorrow. In the meantime, have a good Monday.