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Friday Morning Hot Links: Winning is Fun

Calgary Flames v Edmonton Oilers Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good Morning everyone! Wasn’t that an awesome game last night? Lets have some links.

Leon Draisaitl is eyeing Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers as a possible return. We really could use him. Preferably as the 2nd line RW. (Sportsnet)

I’m sure you’ve seen this a few hundred times by now... AKA: Not enough.

Sammi says Ryan Strome needs to do more to fill the offensive void. You know, watching the game last night it really started making me feel for the guy. He’s actually pretty good, he makes smart plays, can shoot but that skating of his just holds him back from ever being a really productive player. I’m not sure if it’s a genetic thing or if he was just taught wrong from a young age. (Oil on Whyte)

Here is Ken Dyden discussing his book with James Duthie. This is going to get a lot more talk in the next few weeks and will probably lead to more interference penalties being called. (TSN)

I’m sure we’ll have a game recap from that fantastic game last night. Other than the win, my favorite part was that a terrific hockey game wasn’t ruined by a shootout. Check the front page. (Copper&Blue)

That’s all for today. The Oilers take on the Flyers Saturday at 11am. I did a video with Kelly over at BroadStreetHockey discussing the game, that should be up tomorrow. If you’ve ever wanted to make fun of the way that I look or talk, it should give you plenty of ammunition so be sure to check it out.

As for the game itself, we’ll have full coverage here as always. Enjoy your weekend!