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Monday Morning Hot Links: Two Days Remain

Anaheim Ducks v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Good Morning, I hope everyone had a good weekend. I also hope that it’s not snowing at the time you’re reading this. It’s possible because the weather forecast suggests that hockey is due to start.

To start off, Jesse Puljujarvi will be starting the season in Bakersfield. I think it’s time to lower your expectations but it doesn’t mean that he’ll never be a quality player. (Copper&Blue)

Capitals forward Tom Wilson is likely to be suspended for the second time this preseason due to a predatory hit. This guy is exactly what hockey needs to remove from the game. We’ll see what happens and he better stay away from Connor McDavid. (TSN)

Mark Spector digs through the Oilers prospect lists and ranks them as he sees fit. He’s joined me in drinking the Kailer Yamamoto flavor aid. (Sportsnet)

Lowetide gives us a nice update on how Oilers prospects are playing in their respective leagues. Stuart Skinner isn’t putting up the best numbers. Surprising given his preseason. (Oilers Nation)

The Oilers still have flaws and Jim Matheson gives us ten of them. He’s not wrong. (Edmonton Journal)

And here’s some bad news. Seriously I’m not sure you can handle this if it is indeed snowing right now...

We shouldn’t grab the pitchforks until it’s official. Torches however, are acceptable.

Over the next few days there will be Oilers discussion by the staff here, so watch out for that. At the moment Chris Kelly is still on the team but doesn’t have a contract, something has to give in the next 24 hours. Leon Draisaitl might be a center, he might be a winger, we have to wait 2 days to know for sure.

That’s all for now. Just one of these Sundays I’d like one of my sports select tickets to still be in play by the Monday Night game on ABC but so far I’m 0/4 on that. Maybe next week.