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5 Questions About The Ottawa Senators With SB Nation’s Silver Seven

They’re without Erik Karlsson, but that’s not stopping the Senators right now.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Vancouver Canucks
Ryan Dzingel’s last name is probably as good as Dave Snuggerud’s once was.
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The Senators! Wind up Erik Karlsson and he’ll take care of everything. But what happens when the Senators are without their best player? Who’s scoring the goals? What’s going on in Ottawa?

Thankfully, Ross from SB Nation’s Silver Seven is here to quench my thirst for what’s going on with Edmonton’s opponent tonight, the Ottawa Senators. Let’s dive right in.

Copper and Blue: At the conclusion of the 2017 playoffs, Senators defenceman Erik Karlsson underwent surgery to repair tendons in his foot. He hasn't fully recovered yet, but there's a chance that he could rejoin the team as soon as next week. There's no one that's going to replace Erik Karlsson, but who has been trying to fill the void on the blue so far?

Silver Seven: I think Guy Boucher wanted Phaneuf or Ceci to be The Guy, but it's been Freddie Claesson so far. He's led the Sens in ice time the last two games and seems to have really earned his coach's trust.

Copper and Blue: Expecting a full season of goaltender Craig Anderson in 2017-18, how many games is he expected to play? How much of backup Mike Condon do you expect to see in 2017-18?

Silver Seven: Andy should be able to play 60 games if he stays healthy. That's my prediction even though he's never hit that in Ottawa. Condon will then likely see 20. Maybe Marcus Hogberg will get a call up game or two, but really it should be 75% Anderson, 25% Condon.

Copper and Blue: As of this question, Derick Brassard has had a nice start to the season with five points (2-3-5) in four games, though three of those points were scored in in one game versus Washington. He finished with 39 points last season, but had a much nicer 58 points the year prior with the New York Rangers. What does a full season of Derick Brassard look like this year?

Silver Seven: Hopefully around 50 points? If he keeps playing with Stone and Ryan, he could push for that 58 again. But with Boucher's tendency to mix up lines, I don't think he'll keep those wingers all year

Copper and Blue: Tell us about an under-the-radar Senator who's ready for a big season.

Silver Seven: Ryan Dzingel seems like a good bet. His speed is off the charts but his finishing has been lacking. He worked a bunch on it this offseason and seems motivated. In a recent interview he quoted his exact record on breakaways last season (around 5/20?). It looks like he's gonna get chances on the Turris line this year, and I'm hoping for 40 points for him.

Copper and Blue: Finally, the Senators are out to prove that last year's drive to the Eastern Conference Finals was no fluke. How do they get back?

Silver Seven: Erik Karlsson is the biggest answer here, but until he returns they need Hoffman to keep shooting, Stone to keep takeaway-ing, Anderson to stay phenomenal, and the team to keep clogging up other teams' offences. The wins won't always be pretty, but pretty rarely wins you hockey games.


The Senators visit Edmonton tonight at Rogers Place. Catch Ross over at Silver Seven or on Twitter.