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Open Thread: Tied For First Edition

The air’s nice up here.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at San Jose Sharks
Could get used to this.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports
Could get used to this, too.
  • The Oilers enter the All-Star Weekend with two victories in two nights. I’m trying to remember a feeling like this in the last decade. It might have been that moment in the lockout shortened season right before Steve Tambellini went out and got Jerred Smithson. No. I take that back.
  • Cam Talbot is getting it done right now. 32 saves against the Sharks and 26 against the Ducks for a shutout. I’m not a big fan of playing the same goalie on back to back nights, but Talbot got to rest during the Calgary game last week, which means he’ll be ready for the next sixty three games in a row.
  • Andrej Sekera is the best defenceman this team has. Getting two goals against the Sharks helps get some new folks in on the gig.