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Interested in a couple months of Shatt?
Interested in a couple months of Shatt?
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Open Thread: Firmly In Third

Couple off days ahead.

  • Still looks good.  Anaheim and Edmonton have played same amount of games this year, and they're ahead of the Oilers by just one point.    Anaheim is in Winnipeg to take on the Jets tonight.  San Jose will be in Colorado to face the Avalanche, who are having less than a stellar season.  Calgary is in Toronto to visit the Maple Leafs.
  • The Oilers will face off against the Ducks on Wednesday.
  • Connor McDavid leads the NHL in scoring with 56 points (16-40-56).  He's excited for the NHL All-Star Game's 3-on-3 format.  I'm excited for the skills competition where the players blast the puck into the targets that look like foam plates.
  • Jonathan Willis on Kris Russell - "Russell handles the puck a ton and avoids catastrophic errors, but he does so by consistently making suboptimal decisions with the puck on his stick".
  • A name you hear a lot of is Kevin Shattenkirk.  He's a rental at this point, but he'd instantly make the Oilers better on the right side.  What would you give up for a few months of Kevin Shattenkirk?